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  /  September


September album - No Drop For Us Band
1. September 02:26
2. Give Me Your Reason 03:36
3. Hollow Shadows 03:07
4. Decadence 03:05
5. Flame 04:33
6. Adrenaline 02:58
7. Empty Hands 03:45
8. 15 TH 04:00
9. Miss Autumn 04:34
10. No Mercy 04:39
About album
Artist: No Drop For Us
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Publisher: No Drop For Us
Release Date: 01/01/1970
Label: Baboon Records



Give Me Your Reason

All your life under control waiting for something better
and you don’t know how to escape ‘cause of fucking terror.

Open your eyes, you’re not alone.

This is a reason for you falling down in the abyss, colder and colder.
It’s a reason to your own essence and you know it, this is your last chance.

Every time you see something wrong and you don't say anything.
Every time you close your lips when you need to scream.

They will win, every time you look away, every time you bow your head,
and you don’t speak your mind every time you suffer.

Give me your reason to fight and I’ll tell you how you’ll die.

Hollow Shadows

Their lessons taught me the taste of mediocrity.

They want us quite, still, deaf and blind.

Fuck! We’ve listened for a long time what is best for their future, it’s enough.

Don’t sing, don’t laugh, don’t think, don’t draw, don’t play,
don’t look and don’t talk when they bark so loud.

They want to turn us into nothing else but hollow shadows.
That disappear with the sun and they’re always forgotten.

The hell for a child with a different mind, jail for another, he never had a chance.

They kill the art, they do not care, they break the calm, it’s necessary for their goal.

They sew your mouth and distort your mind. This is their plan.
They paint everything grey, they don’t want you go astray. This is their plan.
They reward your obedience for a perfect ambience. This is their plan.

Are we sitting? Fuck you and fuck your plan!


Against your decadence.

Can you ignore my suffering? Can you feel death on my skin?
You can’t hide all your secrets, until everything comes to an end.

We’re stronger every day. We’re ready for the lies.
The world will never die, ‘cause we’ll stop your hands.

Listen up! Listen once again!
We aren’t afraid of you. You won’t take the last breath.
We wanna speak so high. Your world will never rise.

The ice is burning. The rain is killing us.
The air is suffocating. The hunger is feeding our rage.

The storm devastates everything, sharing out misery and agony.
We won’t stop fighting while we still remain your enemy.
Your perspective is your selfishness. Your hypocrisy is your irony.
We are against your sickness. We are against your decadence.


In the silence, the old wax melts on the floor. The candle feels cold.

I'm sleeping in the dark. I’m waiting for the death.
I’m trying to remember, but there’s something wrong.
Broken memories, time goes by so fast, for everyone.

The flame is over for me.
This is my moment, write my name in the sky.
The flame is dying for me, by my fault. I feel so guilty.

My soul is fading every time I close my eyes.
I don’t want one more night. Stop this! Stop my life!
I don’t know who I am.

I'm trying to beg for mercy. I'm unable to say a damn word.
I wish I could understand this to end my agony on my own.


Ready to the show! Come on! let's go!

The atmosphere is becoming too tense.
We are ready to burn. We are ready to scream.

Waiting for a chance. With nothing to lose. With nothing to fear.

We wanna break. We wanna shake. We wanna sweat. Enjoy!

We gonna move. We gonna improve.
We gonna remove the stress in this place.

The energy radiates all the souls and all this noise, it's spread in the air.
The sound creates a perfect unity. The adrenaline is our life.

One more time!

We gotta bleed. We gotta feel. We gotta kick everything!

It doesn't matter the stage, the club, the cities or any place.

Right here and right now, we swear to die in the attempt.
Right here and right now, we swear on our lives.

We will never stop.

Empty Hands

Today I should escape from this damn town to forget my regrets. Erase it!
I don’t have places to hide and rest. I have distance and a road to wander.

I'll walk around under the sun. I'll drag myself. It's my punishment.

I take my life, I take my time and I go to another side, only with my empty hands.
I can't come back and I don't want, ‘cause my luck treated me badly. It's really sad.

My sins won't be my chains although they’re anchored in my heart.
I try to live without pain while I find myself.

Now I am a vagabond ready to live like this.

I won’t waste my time.

15 TH

One more day, one more attempt the last years were so hard.

It’s been a long way I’m sure you know it.
We’ve got miles to drive and many places to discover.
Nights to shine, the stars will guide, step by step.

If I'm going to die tonight, I won’t regret anything.
I found the best friends to live my life with them.

All this time we always been together.
All this time we’ve never surrendered.

We’ve got experiences we’ll always remember,
through the good and the bad we've never given up.
Built to last. We will rise when we fall down.

Now we're blood brothers. This is my only family.

Miss Autumn

I still remember that night, the rain calmed her leave.
A whisper I couldn't hear, but I understood everything.

I’m looking for a silhouette in every corner, in every place.
I‘m trying to remember how she made me feel. I can't forget this. I can’t find her.

Now I know the sorrow of loss. Each day, I remember her words,
burnt in my skin and engraved on my bones. My voice disappears with her.

I should’ve trusted her smile while I could do it.
I’m a fucking idiot. I didn’t blame my mistakes,
when I had the chance. Now, it’s too late to fix it.

Every day I follow your essence, but I can't see her again, it's always the same.
What would you do to feel better? How would you endure the sadness?
I lost my inspiration. I lost my Miss Autumn.

My voice disappears with her. Miss Autumn is gone. She left my heart.

She’ll never listen to my apologies. I made too many excuses.
I lost my time waiting for your grace when I should have done it by myself.

No Mercy

Dark times, thousands of souls, thrown into holes without any compassion.
The sanity ignored, souls rotting in the worst oblivion.

This madness out of control turned my land into a graveyard.

My grave is forgotten. My grave doesn't read my name.
The gravedigger knows the place.

And now, the madness is inside, the past doesn't exist. They lost everything.
They were from your mind, they became in heroes while the justice burst.

A nation should never forget its darkness to learn from our mistakes.

My grave is forgotten. I don't have coffin to rest. No mercy. No peace.

My name. My grave. My grave is forgotten.
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