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My Land…

  /  My Land…

My Land…

My land, my home, my war - No Drop For Us Band
1. My Land In Flames, My Broken Home 03:15
2. Time Has Stolen My Youth 03:30
3. Someone Pray For Us 03:22
4. We Are Still Alive 03:57
5. Burying My Failed Promises 03:53
About album

“My Land, My Home, My War” is the second album of No Drop For Us.

All songs and lyrics by No Drop For Us.
Produced by No Drop For Us.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Shade Studios (Albacete, España) in August 2014.

Artist: No Drop For Us
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Release Date: 01/01/1970
Label: Baboon Records

My Land In Flames, My Broken Home

I can hear that sound, that plays in my head that keeps me from moving, The fear burning me, The monsters are coming.
Door falls showing those ghostly shadows.
No, my mother's life is just withered.
No, my father's heart begins to bleed.
Drowned in terror, I know this is truth, fucking terror, so fuck you!
They have broken my life

I am in my own hell, trying to hold myself but it's not easy

shit, they grab my brother right in my face
Fuck, It's my last remaining thing in this world
I want to fight them but I'm afraid, I'm a coward. A fucking coward. I need to run away. So far away, so far away.

I took my shame and fled crying, I swear we’re gonna meet but the death, is my fellow trip.

Time Has Stolen My Youth

Time has stolen my youth
The rage controls me now
I feel nothing and my soul is empty, I'm blind with rage, I will find you
I won't flee, I will fight, I won't hide, I won't cry anymore, I'll be strong, I’ll save you, I swear.

I'll bring you back home It’s all I will do, me and my comrades will fight every battle to defeat them. Will not be long for war beginning, they will lose. We are comming, just wait, we're comming soon.

I'll be here when it all begins even if I die for this. At any time we can lose the fight, but that won't stop me now.

This is our war
This is not your war
This is our war
We'll honor our fallen

Don't forget their faces
Don't forget their tears
Don't forget their eyes
No never ever forget

Tonight remember to stare at our enemies so you’ll never forget their faces, they pay with their lives what they have done, whatever happens from this moment is all done.

Someone Pray For Us

Someone pray for us!

The game starts, the noise is too loud, fear is inside your body and it's hard to think, everything is fast, the place has gone mad, the faces are too dark, fear always comes back. The air smells like gunpowder, mud slows my strength and my vision is blinded loosing me on the battlefield.

Nightfall is red, rain is our blood, watch your neck, don't forget to pray to your gods.

Look around again, is this what we deserve?

A country by death devastated only to defend what is ours families are broken by whims and false promises, I don’t think so.
Losing all your friends because the arrogance and haughtiness having on the palm of your hand the life of a person. I don’t think so.

Why does this bullet have my name?

Why look at the faces of those who have to die? Why is't so hard to be here when I wanted this? Wake up, this is a fucking war. No time to think now, It's time to act
How many wasted lives?How many lost souls?
How long is the end? What else we have to offer?

We Are Still Alive

The sun rises but you can't see through the thick fog.
We are still alive
The place will be a great feast for the worms and vultures.
We are still alive

We have to stay awake, we have to keep fighting, we must hold our way, we can get the glory.

we need get to the end, is so close that I can see. It's my last chance, nevermore again.
The way has been so hard my revenge ends here. It's my last chance, nevermore again

These are the last moments in this dammed hell
We are still alive
Enemies are still nearby, hidden in the shadows.
We are still alive

Appeared from the mist
I can't see anything
He stands in front of me
I shot my last bullet

I open my eyes
See what I've done
Lying on the ground
Is my wrong goal

Burying My Failed Promises

In this beautiful place
Everything is sad
Trying to hold
Your dying soul

Save your last breath
Don't tell me anything
Don't look at my eyes
I couldn't save you
Nothing worth
Everything has been vain
All deaths have been useless
Revenge always brings pain

On this hill
The sky and the sea
Will be witnesses to my failure
On this hill
I'm going to bury
My dear brother
Died by my hands

I can never forget you
Always be in my head
You should never forgive me

My bloody hands
Won’t dirty your name
My muddy knees
Remind me what I did

I'm sorry but I failed my promise
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